Hi friends. My name is Austin. I am a software engineer and a tech savvy. I am 28 years old and single. I have a strong passion towards technology, Computers , and internet. I am a great fan of technology related innovations . Since my childhood i knew that i will pursue my further studies and career in Technology. I did Masters in Computer application and became a software engineer. I love laptops, computers,tablets,electronic gadgets and the list goes on and on.


My favorite leisure time activity is gathering information about latest innovations in the field of science and tech. I like writing about all the knowledge and experiences i have  and my views about them. I am not trying to say that  i am a tech guru or something, just want to share my views with world. If you are a tech fan too i can guarantee you, you are going to love my blog. Those who don’t like technology i would like to suggest you that please read my blog, as i am going to roll out some very cool informational stuff. catchya inside. Thanx



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